So you got a great deal on an upper west side apartment in an older New York City building but now you need to renovate. You will need to find a good NYC apartment remodeling company who can handle a total gut renovation. The good news is any apartment can be taken from poor condition to superior by the right remodeling company.

You want to layer in modern luxuries and amenities but you may be facing some pretty stiff building regulations and co-op rules such as project time constraints for bathroom remodeling or rules about waterproofing and construction noise.

For this reason alone, you want to be wise about the NYC apartment remodeling company you choose. Otherwise, your renovations could flop, wasting both your time and money – and possibly your sanity. Trust us, you don’t want to get spazzed, so check out these tips on finding the right remodeling company.

Local Experience

You don’t want to go with someone green when choosing an apartment remodeling company. NYC has too many rules and regulations that must be followed before, during, and after construction. Find a company that has been remodeling condos and apartments here for more than ten years. They should know all the local codes and building co-op regulations.

References & Project Photos

It’s kind of hard to ask a remodeling company about references, especially if they act weird when you ask. Don’t get intimidated because you are their potential customer, not the other way around. Be bold, ask the tough questions.

Any NYC remodeling company worth their weight will be more than happy to provide references. Check out their past project photos for bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling so you can see what they can do for you.

General Contracting

A general contractor can offer you more because they have many relationships with local specialists, suppliers, fabricators, and manufacturers. They also manage your apartment remodeling project from start to finish rather than leaving you to find electricians, plumbers, and designers. They make sure the workers show up on time and that you get quality workmanship. You won’t have to worry about getting permits, passing inspections, or locating a good granite countertop supplier.

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