If it’s time to remodel your New York City apartment before spring turns to summer, Michael Ellison General Contracting has some great tips and ideas for you. One of the most important things our remodeling company wants you to remember is that home remodeling is very personal, so be sure to incorporate some custom features.

You want your NYC apartment to be packed full of the custom features you like but you also need to stick to the remodeling budget. This can sometimes be hard to do, but spring is the season for renewal and there are some great ways to get everything you want out of apartment remodeling. Take a look at these tips and ideas from our local remodeling company.

Quick Makeovers For Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen now will help when it’s time to enjoy summer fun with guests. Summer is nearly upon us here in New York City, so think about doing some quick and affordable but highly functional changes like the following:

  1. Replace the worn out floor
  2. Repaint the kitchen for a fresh new look
  3. Install new lighting for aesthetics & safety
  4. Update the old countertops
  5. Customize the inside of cabinetry to create organized space

Just by doing those five things, your kitchen will take on a whole new vibe. Go with a new style and new color for your kitchen and the space will be transformed into a welcoming and inviting place to hang out. Think about customizing the inside of the cabinetry so you can stay organized while working in the kitchen.

Easy Remodeling Ideas To Update The Guest Bathroom

Do you entertain during the summer? If so, you can do some quick changes to your apartment’s guest bathroom. You can easily remodel the guest bath by sticking to the same ideas that we mentioned for kitchen remodeling. Keep the change simple yet beautiful and highly functional. With a small guest bath, it’s easy to afford some luxuries like glass tile, marble countertops, and beautiful bamboo flooring.

Quick Ways To Remodel Bedrooms

Remember that paint covers the majority of the surfaces you see in your NYC apartment, so remodeling can be quick, simple, and fun. What color is the paint in your bedroom? If it’s light, change it up by going dark and romantic. If it’s dark, try something lighter. Interior painting is the easiest way to update a look and is very friendly to your remodeling budget. All you need after painting the bedroom walls is a new comforter and maybe changing out the drapes.